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Why attend

Meet pre-screened candidates

We screen CV’s and invite the best candidates to attend. Meet candidates with experience as well as students from top universities.
Perfect for finding developers, engineers, designers, managers, interns and more.

Many speed interviews in a day

Save time on sourcing applications and spend more time on conversation.

Increase your talent pool

Collect CV’s online via our job board as well as at the event. Start building your relationship with candidates for future job openings.

Build your employer brand

Increase your brand awareness with job seekers. Introduce colleagues and present your team. Show what it is like to work at your company.

Candidate profiles

Tech and engineering roles

CTO, frontend, backend and full stack developers 
Web, mobile and game developers 
Database specialists, Devops specialists
QA testers
UI / UX designers, interaction designers
Coders in Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, and more

Product and business roles

Product managers
Product marketing
Sales and business developers 
Marketing, PR and social media managers, growth hackers 
Data analytics specialists 
Community and customer support managers

In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid events

Our partners and integrations for event hosting, event management, analytics, job promotion and candidate outreach.

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